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Instruments in Arashi Songs Appreciation Post (1/3)
bless the composers of arashi songs.

songs in order: GUTS (trumpets), Happiness (electric guitar), Beautiful Days (piano & violin), Magic Hour (bagpipes), Hello Goodbye (harmonica), Tomadoi Nagara (acoustic guitar), Still… (saxophone), Mukae ni Ikuyo (accordion), voice (flute), Rainbow (saxophone), How to Fly (acoustic guitar), truth (piano & violin), Tsuite Oide (electric guitar), Niji (piano)

Indeed, bless the composers. They have really awesome instruments usage, i’m sure there are a lot more out there actually. 

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Sho working on Essential CM (lots of spinning Sho <3)

  • apparently there’s a line ‘karamaranai’ which means would not be tangled but no matter how many times Sho said it he would fumble on it, and get his own tongue tangled haha. 
  • (according to my bad japanese) he did like 40-50 turns, including those he learnt from Johnny’s that’s like ‘turns with your face turning’ and ‘turns without your face turning’, he has like 4-5 variations of spinning/turning and he did like 10 of them each for the CM 
  • And with that Sho’s endorsed company increased to 10, same as Aiba. 
  • the female announcer had to say at the end that he was actually touching mannequin’s hair and not a real person’s so that fans could be rest assured (lol). 

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Precious Ohmiya ♥ - VS  2014.07.31

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